Testimonials from Attorneys:


Joe said the case was like trying to unscramble an egg, and he was right. The vehicle accident/personal injury mediation involved 4 parties, 4 law firms, and 2 insurance companies. We had been trying for several months to get it settled. Within the half day mediation, the case settled, mostly because of the patient help of this seasoned mediator. I recommend Mediator Joe B. Hewitt when you need a case unscrambled.

- Roxane M. Guerrero, Attorney, The Guerrero Law Offices, 214-748-6565


"I represented one of the defendants in a multi-party personal injury case that involved two insurance companies and three law firms.  Mr. Hewitt was able to mediate the case to a settlement.  Mr. Hewitt did a great job on a tough case and I recommend Mr. Hewitt and will use him again."

- Misty L. Cunningham, Attorney, Hoagland, Farish, & Palmarozzi, 817-530-3839


Emotions were high in a case Joe mediated in July, 2014, that did not end in settlement. Joe stuck with it, however, and continued trying to get the case settled until, in January, 2015, it settled.  I recommend Joe B. Hewitt, who most always gets settlement in mediation, but if not, he sticks with the case until the trial date.

- Mark Scott, Attorney, Scott Neave Law Firm, PC, 214-391-5555


Joe Hewitt has mediated several of my cases over the years and has been able to guide all of them to settlement.  The last case was a multi-party lawsuit that could not settle at the first mediation due to a lack of information.  Joe followed up with each party for six months, till all agreed to meet again.  At the second session, the case settled.  Nice job Joe.

- Joe McKay, Attorney, McKay Law Office, PO Box 985, Lancaster, TX 75146, 972-227-3342, Fax 972-227-6350


Joe Hewitt, the mediator in the case described herein, was persistent in his contacts with the parties. He was able to schedule the mediation for a second session after several months and get the parties back to the table. At the second mediation he was able to work out a settlement between the parties. It was a difficult case to resolve and I am thankful to Mr. Hewitt for his help in getting this done.

- James Carroll, Attorney, 501 Elm St. # 385, Dallas TX 75202; 214-760-7788; 214-540-1210


Joe B. Hewitt is one of the most tenacious mediators I have ever known. He worked on a complicated, three-party, contract dispute case, in which I represented one of the Defendants, for eight months. We settled the case, largely because of Joe’s good work. If you want a mediator who won’t give up easily, you’ll find that Joe is one of the best.

- Paul Leake, Attorney, Box 1300, Forney, TX 75126, 972-564-1521; Fax 972-564-1521


I told Mediator Joe B. Hewitt just prior to a mediation session: “I have mediated many cases with that law firm, and they settle only one out of a hundred.” Greatly due to Mr. Hewitt’s skill as a mediator, an hour and a half later we had a settlement. I recommend Joe B. Hewitt. He gets results.

- Tammy Daniels Low, Attorney at Law, Garland, McKinney, Dallas.


After each mediation, both parties receive an evaluation form in the mail, so there is no pressure as there might be if filled out in the mediator's presence.


Here are some of the remarks at the bottom of the evaluation sheet:


"Joe works mediation magic."


"Joe is the best mediator I have worked with."


"I have mediated many of these kinds of cases. This is the first one that settled."


"I though settlement was impossible, but it settled."


"Either I am lucky or your skills are magnificent. You are the best mediator with whom I have worked."


"Joe will keep working on tough cases that have not settled until they do."


"I will certainly recommend you."


"I was impressed by your willingness to listen and truly understand the arguments from both sides. . ."


"Outstanding mediator. Really fostered a good environment."


"Mediator was very professional and explained everything clearly."


"Great Mediation. Mediator was very helpful."


Joe B. Hewitt is a TMCA Credentialed Distinguished Mediator and is listed among the top mediators in the State of Texas by the Texas Mediators Credentialing Association.



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Hewitt Mediations
Settling Cases in Dallas Area Courts Since 2002
Hewitt Mediations
Settling Cases in Dallas Area Courts Since 2002
Hewitt Mediations


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