Joe B. Hewitt, Areas of Interest, Expertise and Experience:




I served as a pastor of churches in Richardson, Fate, and Rowlett, Texas, from 1963 to 2001 except for 4 years when I was in evangelism and a special elections campaign manager. I have been active in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT), and Dallas Baptist Association (DBA). I have held many offices with the DBA including chairman of several committees, and president of the Dallas Pastors' Conference.


I am considered an expert on the cults and was recognized as Interfaith Evangelism Associate of the year 2000 by the SBC and BGCT. I have written a book on the Jehovah's Witnesses which has sold more than 45,000 copies. I continue writing. Current projects include a new book, How to Rescue Prisoners of the Watchtower.


I have written commentaries for Sunday school teachers for Lifeway, the publishing arm of the SBC.




From 1976-1980 I was campaign manager in 13 special elections of which 11 were victories.




Before entering the ministry I had a successful newspaper career. Included in the beats I covered as a reporter were the police beat and the courthouse beat. I was national and international news editor on a medium-sized daily, and Aslot man.@ (The slot man on the city desk coordinates work of other editors and lays out Page 1 and important news pages.) I owned and operated two West Texas weekly newspapers. I owned and operated printing businesses in Arlington and Richardson.


During most of the time that I pastored churches, I also owned and operated a business. While I was still in seminary I was editor and publisher of a small weekly newspaper in Richardson and founded a shoppers' news.




I own and manage rental property, residential and business, and have for many years. My parents owned and managed rental property, so I was exposed to that business while I was growing up.




While a reporter I covered strikes and necessarily had to know something about the operation of labor unions and labor relations in order to write about them.




While a reporter covering the police beat and courthouse beat I had to know something about law enforcement and the officers in order to write about them.


I was a special deputy sheriff, sworn and bonded, but not paid, for the Auglaize County, Ohio, Sheriff's Department.


For 10 years, while pastoring churches in Fate and Rowlett, Texas, I was chaplain and coordinator of jail ministries for the Rockwall County Sheriff's Department.




I started working as an oil field roughneck in the summer while a teenager still in school. I'm far from an expert, but I do know the difference between a drawer works and drill pipe, which puts me ahead of most people.




Throughout my ministry I have done marriage and family counseling. I have conducted Marriage Enrichment Seminars and Parenting Seminars.




As a member of Mensa, the high IQ society, I’m certified to at least have horse sense. That, together with varied life experience enables me to adapt to almost any situation, and guide parties toward settlement.


10. WORLD TRAVELER Because of an intense interest in people and other cultures, I have traveled all 50 states of the United States, Canada from east to west, Mexico from north to south and east to west, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, many Caribbean Islands, Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Turkey, Cypress, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Greece, Russia, and Britain from north to south and east to west.



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Settling Cases in Dallas Area Courts Since 2002
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Settling Cases in Dallas Area Courts Since 2002
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Mr. Sandy Zucker


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