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Social and Business Etiquette and Protocol

For Today's Professional
In today's highly competitive business world, just knowing your product or service is not enough. People do business with those they like, trust and have that extra level of professionalism that only business and social etiquette savvy can bring.
Learn basic "how to's" of business & social etiquette skills such as proper introductions, dining, conversation and behaviors addressing questions like:
  • What do you do with that unchewable piece of meat in your mouth?
  • Where do you place your napkin if you have to excuse yourself and plan to return?
  • Is it proper to assist a businesswoman with her chair?
  • At a circular dining table, do I take and use the napkin on my right or left of my plate?
  • What do you do if you are a fast eater? Slow eater?
  • Can I put my cell phone on the table discreetly and on vibrate?
  • Should I turn my cup over to indicate "No coffee"?
  • What if I'm talking with someone and a person whose name I forgot approaches us?
  • What's the correct way to approach a small group talking among themselves at a social?

Who should attend:
Company leaders at all levels, Community Leaders, Sales Staff or anyone wanting to make a great impression!

Training Details:
  • Information: Half-Day
  • Course Flyer
  • Pricing: $250.00 per participant (group setting)
  • Discount: Save on Two or More Attendees
  • Groups: Group Rates Available
  • Call 972-386-8372 or Toll-free 888-815-6778 for More Information
    or to Schedule a Workshop at Your Location!

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