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Big Negotiation Skills for Small Businesses

Full-Day Session
The success of your business ultimately depends upon your ability to negotiate a good deal ... Period!

Don't sell your company short by using inadequate negotiation techniques and strategies that leave you in a losing position!

This Full-Day comprehensive session will cover:
  • Why "Splitting the Difference" Short-Changes You!
  • Negotiating Strategies the "Big Boys (or Girls)" Use!
  • Approaches to Various Negotiating Styles!
  • Spotting Pivotal Points in The Negotiation Process That Can Make or Break a Deal!
  • How to Get More for You and Your Counterpart!
  • Negotiation Pitfalls Leading to "No Deal"!

Apply your learning with a hands-on Mock Negotiation!

Training Details:
  • Information: Full-Day
  • Course Flyer
  • Pricing: $750.00 per participant (group setting)
  • Discount: Save on Two or More Attendees
  • Groups: Group Rates Available
  • Call 972-386-8372 or Toll-free 888-815-6778 for More Information
    or to Schedule a Workshop at Your Location!


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